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Minecraft: My Latest Addiction

I started Minecraft because my grandchildren play it and I wanted to have some common ground for conversation. Well, now it grown out of control. ...

Who Gets Food Stamps?

Between Gratitude, Guilt and Fear

I am a person greatly blessed both materially and relationally. My response to those blessings falls into one of three categories: Mindlessness: I simply accept ...


I’m sorry, but I can’t let this one pass without comment.  It is so true in my experience. We are so loathe to give up ...

Rights vs. Responsibilities

The word “rights” is playing a major role in the current gun-control discussion. I hear that the US Constitution gives us the “right to bear ...


Sad, but true…

When Old Becomes New

I like the man who faces what he must…

With a step triumphant and a heart of cheer, who fights the daily battle without fear. who sees his hopes fail yet keeps unfaltering trust, ...


The Holy Spirit Works a Lot Like Fluoride

Trying to explain the Holy Spirit is a daunting task because so much of our interaction with the Spirit is subjective. As one of my ...

The Spectrum of Doubt and Belief

A theist, or believer in God, will tell you that he ABSOLUTELY exists. An atheist (non-believer) will say he ABSOLUTELY doesn’t. But these are only ...


Proud to be an American

Why do we say, “I am proud to be an American” when it is an accident of birth for the vast majority of us? We ...

What Makes Us Human?

I’ve been watching several documentaries lately that explore the question of what makes us human.  There are lots of interesting ideas: tools, technology, frontal cortex, ...

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Surgery + 15

I got Mom out of the hospital today and my brother came in to town to help out.  He is a big relief because I ...

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Surgery + 14

I discovered some boundaries today.  I tried to eat a Lean Cusine  with penne and chicken.  It was too much for my new stomach.  Everything ...

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Surgery + 13

Not much to report.  A very low energy day with lots to do.  Molly got her tumors removed at the vet.  I did a science ...


Surgery + 12

Got my post-op from the surgeon.  Everything is OK to move on to soft foods for the next three weeks. Got some miscellaneous questions answered: ...

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Surgery + 11

This morning, I found myself bending over to pick something up and noticed that I was able to touch the ground.  Not from the hip, ...

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